10 Benefits of Air Fryers

People in America eat more potatoes than any other vegetable, with 40 percent of this total coming from frozen products, such as french fries. Dig into a serving of french fries or a plate of fried chicken and the pleasure hits you right away -- that familiar, crispy crunch and moist, chewy center. But the appealing taste of fried foods comes at a cost. Research links the oils used to cook them to health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. 
Deep-fried foods tend to contain a lot more fat than foods cooked in other ways. While 100 grams (g) of fried and battered chicken breast contains 13.2 g of fat, compared to just 0.39 g of fat in an oven-roasted chicken breast, many people prefer the flavor and texture of fried chicken.
This is desirable since lowering oil intake can be hugely beneficial for a person’s health. Scientists have linked intakes of fat from vegetable oil to a variety of health conditions, including but not limited to an increased risk of heart disease and higher rates of inflammation.
There's a new gadget on the market that has the review polls in an uproar. The air fryer has been up and coming, and swaying its purchasers to pass along the good news -- the good news that these air fryers have a lot to offer. Since air fryers require a fraction of the oil that deep fryers need, people can have a more healthful meal that has similar flavors and textures.
Do you find yourself short on time to cook?
Are you having a hard time letting go of those fatty foods, but still want to lose weight?

Are you always seeking to get a bang for your buck?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Proscenic Air Fryer may be for you, which can pretty much do it all. And by all, we mean fry, grill, bake, and roast.

About Air Fryer
Air fryer is sweeping the nation over the last few years—nearly 40% of U.S. homes had one as of July 2020, according to the market research firm NPD Group. If you’ve ever wondered, “what is an air fryer?” or “how does an air fryer work?” this guide breaks it down.
Proscenic Air Fryer is a square-shaped device, about the size of a coffeemaker, is essentially an amped-up countertop convection oven. (But there’s a difference between air-frying and baking.) Like many other cooking methods, air-frying triggers a chemical reaction — the Maillard effect — that improves the color and flavor of air-fried food.

The top section of Proscenic Air Fryer holds a heating mechanism and fan. You place the food in a fryer-style basket and when you turn it on, hot air rushes down and around the food. This rapid circulation air cooks the outside of foods first, which creates a crispy brown coating and keeps the inside soft, just like deep-fried foods, but without the oil. Proscenic Air Fryer accomplish the crispy, chewy foods people love without all the oil by removing high-fat and high-calorie oils from the cooking process.

By weighing the air fryer advantages and the unique differences the air fryer has, compared to other fryers, you should be able to decide whether the air fryer has a lot to bring to the table. Many sources claim that air fryers offer a healthful alternative for making fried foods. Equipped with sturdy plastic, metal material, and an automated operation system, Proscenic Air Fryer is a highly recommendable appliance to offer many great benefits, which may give you that needed confirmation for your decision.

1. Reduce Disease Risk

Cooking with oil and consuming traditional fried foods regularly has links to many adverse health conditions. Frying food in oil can cause dangerous compounds to develop, such as acrylamide. This compound forms in certain foods during high-heat cooking methods, such as deep-frying. The reaction that happens when you fry potatoes or other starchy foods makes the chemical acrylamide, links to greater chances of getting cancer, including endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and oesophageal cancer.

Studies have also suggested a link between dietary acrylamide and kidney, endometrial, or ovarian cancers, though the results are uncertain. By switching to air frying, people can lower the risk of having acrylamide in their food. One study shows that air frying lowers the amount of acrylamide in fried potatoes by 90%. This cooking method might also cut down on some of the other harmful effects of oil frying.

 2. Healthier Diet

Many people enjoy the idea of eating a healthier version of normally fattening foods. Think of it like this: No oil means no mess and less fat. Who says healthy is not tasty?

With Proscenic Air Fryer, you can now cook low-fat meals that are healthy but tastes delicious. In comparison to other fryers, air fryers were designed to specifically function without fattening oils and to produce food with up to 80 percent less fat than food cooked with other fryers.

You can now fry your favorite chicken wings, steaks, fish, roast pork or chicken, pork chops, and even meat patties, in hot air with no oil. Even frozen food can be cooked easily without adding any oil. You can even cook raw meat in Proscenic Air Fryer without adding any oil. The fryer’s hot air that’s circulating rapidly would cook the meat on all sides while the excess fat would drip down to the grease tray behind the basket. You’ll have meat that’s crispy but juicy.

3. Weight Loss

A higher intake of fried foods has direct links with higher obesity risk. This is because deep-fried foods tend to be high in fat and calories. Switching from deep-fried foods to air-fried foods and reducing regular intake of unhealthful oils can promote weight loss. While it can be difficult to let go of your favorite fried foods, Proscenic Air Fryer will let you have your cake and eat it too!  

4. Fast and Efficient

Proscenic Air Fryer is perfect for people who are constantly on the go and do not have much time to prepare meals. You don’t have to wait for your frozen food to thaw before placing them in the fryer, just place them in the fryer (yes, in a frozen state), set the temperature, and set your timer. You don’t even need to wait while the fryer is warming up as it does not need any preheating. In just 10 or 20 minutes, you’ll be eating crunchy golden fries or crispy chicken tenders. As a bonus, you don’t need to clean any oil spatters or drippings.

That cuts the time you spend in the kitchen by a tremendous amount. In this millennia where people are always in a rush, and spaces are cramped, this multi-function compact machine is a blessing.

Offering you an all in one combination, Proscenic Air Fryer is the perfect appliance for anyone looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle. When you have an air fryer, it’s having an oven, a grill, a toaster, a skillet, and a deep fryer in one machine. Whether your favorite dish is french fries, muffins, chips, chicken tenders, or grilled vegetables, an air fryer can prepare it all.

At the tip of your fingers, you can have an appliance that specializes in making delicious, healthy meals that look and taste just like the ones made in oil fryers.

5. No Grease, No Mess

Your skillet or frying pan normally has exposed surfaces that when you cook in those, you get oil splatters and oil vapors on the floor, walls, and kitchen countertops. You’ll need to wipe those off and mop the floors, and oil does not come off easily.

The best part about not using oil is avoiding those greasy stains on your plates and fingers. Proscenic Air Fryer uses a system of closed cooking. That means, it has a cover and the food is cooked inside the fryer. This makes your cooking literally mess-free. With the covered air fryer, you’ll just need to remove the cooking bowl, cooking basket, and drip pan and you can put them in the dishwasher. You don’t even have to worry about any used oil.

6. Cost Effective

It has been highly questionable if the benefits of an air fryer are worth the expense. When you weigh your pros and cons, the air fryer surely leads with its pros. There aren't many fryers on the market that can fry, bake, grill and roast; and also promise you healthier meals.

Proscenic Air Fryer saves you time, and could potentially save you money,  which can definitely be worth the cost.  

7. Automated Operation

You’re rushing but you still have so many things to do, brew the coffee, toast the sandwiches, prepare your kids’ snacks, and then still clean up before leaving?

You’ll love the air fryer. It is basically hands-free. You don't need to worry about any complicated steps in using Proscenic Air Fryer. It only has two buttons, one for the timer and one for the temperature. Just set to your desired temperature then set the timer. When you hear the timer beep, that means you are ready to eat. So you can do other chores or attend to other things while also cooking.

You don’t even have to clean up afterward as it basically messes free and dishwasher safe. Most of all, you won’t be sweaty and smelling like oil after standing in front of the hot stove.

8. Oil Efficient

As Proscenic Air Fryer uses minimal oil or no oil at all, you get to save. You save not just on cooking oil but also on money spent on oil.

If you want to use oil while staying on the healthy side, you can choose organic or exotic oils. They don’t come cheap, but you’ll only be using around a tablespoon or less, so it would last long.

9. Easy to Clean

You probably like cooking but hate cleaning. Gratefully, Proscenic Air Fryer’s removable parts are dishwasher safe. There is no need for manual hand washing. There is nothing to worry though if you don’t have a dishwasher, just simply soak it in soapy water and gently rub its cooking surface with a sponge to remove pieces or bits of food that are stuck on it.

10. Safe to Use

You can trust that even your teenagers can use Proscenic Air Fryer safely because of its safety features. Deep-frying foods involves heating a large container full of scalding oil. This can pose a safety risk. While air fryers do get hot, there is no risk of spilling, splashing or accidentally touching hot oil.  
What Can You Cook in the Proscenic Air Fryer?

Proscenic Air Fryer can cook pretty much anything that you would normally fry in oil, here are some examples of Low fat and tasty meals you can cook with the air fryer:

Frozen Finger Foods

Chicken nuggets, frozen french fries, and mozzarella sticks are some of the many frozen air-fried foods you can make.

Homemade Finger Foods

It is a great option for making crispy homemade snacks and sides—try Air-Fryer Sweet Potato Fries, Air-Fryer Pickles, or Air-Fryer Papas Rellenas.Chicken, Fish, and Meat

Try air-fryer chicken recipes, like Air-Fryer Nashville Hot Chicken. For a healthier option, Air-Fryer Meatballs are a great choice.

Roasted Vegetables

Air-Fryer Herb and Lemon Cauliflower and Air-Fryer Garlic-Rosemary Brussels Sprouts. However, when you’re using this gadget to cook veggies, skip the leafy greens.

Baked Goods

Small baked goods like cookies and apple fritters. You can also try making these Air-Fryer Peppermint Lava Cakes for the winter holidays or these Air-Fryer Mini Nutella Doughnut Holes for an indulgent treat any time of year.Proscenic Air Fryer is a great multifunctional appliance for a great ‘go-to’ cooking appliance for the following users:Housewives – You just place your food in the fryer, turn it on, and it will do its job without you constantly watching. It’s perfect for those busy moms who are doing multiple tasks while cooking.

Students – It can be used to make quick small meals for those living in dorms. Since students normally don’t have time to cook, this is a great companion and can even be used to reheat leftovers without losing their crispiness which is a better alternative than fast food.

Elderly Group – It is easy to operate without complicated settings or adjustments. Grandparents would not have to worry about figuring out which buttons to press and in what order. The preset fryers have icons (fish, chicken, meat, etc.) that they just need to press to cook their meals.

Fitness Buff – This fryer pretty much answers the need of someone who wants to eat delicious food but is conscious of his or her weight. Food has less fat and healthier than those that are oil fried but still tastes good.

Teenagers – Its features ensure the safety of the users. Parents would need not worry about their teenagers using the fryer.

Small apartment dweller – If you live in a small space, this is a piece of very good equipment to bake, roast, or even grill without purchasing other appliances.

Features of Ren's Air Fryer



Question: Does it work with iPhone?
Answer: Yes! You can download the ProscenicHome app from app store.


Question: Can you make frozen chicken wings in this?
Answer: Yes, you can make frozen chicken wings with the air fryer.


Question: How does the air fryer compare to traditional ovens?
Answer: The air fryer is fast and easy. Browns meat nice and crispy. Easy to clean. An oven can make the kitchen hot while the Air fryer doesn’t.


Question: Does it support an AC 220V adapter?
Answer: No, this air fryer only works with 110V for US plug.


Question: Does this fryer beep everytime you press a button? If so how loud it is? Our dogs are easily scared by loud beeping.
Answer: In this case, you could press on the phone. There is no beep sound if you use on the phone.
Question: What does the basket coated? nontoxic? pfoa free?
Answer: It is coated with two layer of Teflon,which is nontoxic and pfoa free.


Question: Can you use fryer touch pad to adjust temp up/down??Our fryer doesn't adjust temp w +/- buttons on machine front.Ours only adjusts temp w/ phone app.
Answer: Yes. Temp and time adjustments can be made on the touch pad. Although there is a phone app for this brand, the touch pad also operates independently .


Question: What is the basket size?
Answer: 5.8 qt, you can fit 14 wings in one layer, or 3 large chicken breasts, 4 large hamburger patties, and 2 -3 large servings of fries.


Question: Do you have to use the app to operate?
Answer: NO, you can also operate the fryer with the remote control or the button on the machine.


Question: Will it function as a standard air fryer if i lose my wifi signal due to fault of internet server provider?
Answer: Yes, you can also control it with the remote control or with the button on the machine.


Question: What does combination functions mean?
Answer: When using the fryer, you can set these three functions, Schedule + Menu + Keep Warm, you can choose any one, two or three, which is very convenient and practical.  
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