Which parts can I use it?

This hair crystal remover can be used on knuckles, arms, legs, chest, back, and more, also as a tool to remove dead skin.

  • Do not use it too hard on the skin
  • Try it on your arms/legs before applying to delicate parts
  • We do not recommend using this hair remover on sensitive skin such as the face, or underarms since it may cause irritants
  • You can clean the Crystal Hair Removal Eraser with water or a damp cloth after use.

Can I use the hair removal eraser after shower?

Yes, you can use it after bath, it will be the best time. However, you also can use it on wet skin, but try not to take shower immediately.

Does it work on strawberry skin?

93% of customers says it improves the strawberry skin after regular use.

How often can I use it?

Recommended use: once every 2-3 weeks 

Does it contain chemical materials which is not safe on skin?

Our eraser made of safe and non-chemical materials. Rest assured, you can use it on your skin. However we do not recommend to overusing it or press too hard.

Can I wash it?

The entire body of the hair eraser rub can be rinsed with water and washed with water after use to keep the tool clean. The crystal painless hair remover is not needed to be recharged and can be reused for 3 years or more.