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Auto Tag Remover Kit™

Auto Tag Remover Kit™

Get Rid of Pesky Skin Tags And Regain Your Confidence!

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😊 Make tags fall off
💚 Absolutely pain-free
🐇 Simple and effective
✨ Apply to any part of the body
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With this Pain-Free Auto Tag Remover Kit™, you can easily remove skin tags and any similar skin problem absolutely pain-free! Just apply the skin tag removal device to any skin tag on your body and you'll see them slowly fall off and away! It also has a wide range of uses! Not only does it get rid of skin tags, but it can also remove warts and large moles easily without any additional steps! From your face to your neck and even down to your knees. It can remove any skin problem in any part of your body that has it!


It's super easy to use! Get rid of your skin tags in just 6 easy steps! Get back your smooth skin in just about 10 days! The Auto Tag Removal Kit will remove blood flow to the skin tag in the first 4 days! The skin tag then dries up on days 4 to 6. It gets hard and falls off on days 7 to 10.


Package Includes:
1 x Band Loader
2 x Auto Tag Band Remover And Guide Tool
20 x Regular Size (4-8mm) Skin Tag Ring Bands
20 x Small Size (2-4mm) Skin Tag Rings Bands


Due to high demand, please allow a slight delay.

Estimated delivery in 7-10 business days.

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