Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum

Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum

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Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum is designed for daily facial treatment, which can restore skin elasticity, decompose melanin, and make skin rejuvenation.  Suction power is vital to remove blackheads completely, Compare to other blackhead removal tools, our Blackhead Removal Pore Vacuum upgraded with 53KPA vacuum negative pressure, which would be easier to suck out the blackheads or other dirt from the pores, even the stubborn blackheads. A perfect solution to get rid of blackheads and bring you beautiful skin.

If you didn't use this type of product before, we recommend practicing on the arm and other areas first to familiarize yourself with the suction power of different gears and methods, then apply it to the facial skin to avoid bruise.

1. Clean your face and use a facial steamer or hot wet towel to fumigate the facial skin for softening the stratum corneum and open the pores under the action of hot steaming.
2. Turn on the machine and select the right gear according to your skin condition.
3. Align the machine head with the skin area that needs care, move in one direction (DO NOT move back and forth), suck the blackhead and then pull it out, repeat the operation many times for about five minutes each time. Clean the skin after use.
4. After using the device, it has to be disinfected to avoid breeding mites and bacteria.

Input power: 2.5W
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Suction: 53KPA or less
Charging time: about 90 minutes
Executive standard: O / SKT 005-2019