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DIY Drilling Electric Tool Set™

DIY Drilling Electric Tool Set™

Bring More Convenience To Your Life

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Small size, lightweight, easy to carry. The comfortable handle provides greater control when cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing, and drilling. Ideal for drilling holes in plastic, wood, acrylic, pearls, paper products, thin aluminum sheets, PCB circuit boards, linden shells, walnut, and nutshells. Equipped with a USB data cable, you can use the mobile phone's fast charger head, power bank, and computer to charge it, which is convenient and fast. aluminum alloy shell, sandblasted appearance, long service life. Metal collet nut, the collet is stable and does not drop the drill. Simple design for easy operation and quick change of collet or other accessories.


The drill must be drilled vertically during operation. According to the hardness of the object, press down slowly, and do not press down hard and fast, which will cause the drill to stick. For hard objects, it is recommended to drill to a depth of 1mm, pull it back and drill again to avoid sticking.


Material: Aluminum alloy
Product Weight: 216G
Product Size: 11.5 × 2.5cm / 4.5 × 1inches
Power supply voltage 220V
Clamping range 0.7-1.2mm
Outer Diameter: 3.3cm
USB Cable: 70cm
Electric Power: 370 rpm
Package Contents: 1 x Drill 5 x Bits 1xScrewdriver 1xUSB Cable


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