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Face Massage Ice Cube™

Face Massage Ice Cube™

Take your skincare routine to the next level

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🌞 Eliminate dark circles/eye puffiness
❄️ Calms and soothes acne on your face
🥳 Shrinks the skin pores
💕 Contours and lifts the skin
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Face Massage Ice Cube helps reduce puffiness around the eyes, decrease oil production and inflamed spots, constrict pores, soothe sunburn, and give the skin a healthy glow by boosting micro-circulation. It also increases the absorption of active ingredients by causing capillary constriction and creating a 'pulling' effect into the skin, so you can get the maximum benefits of your everyday skincare products.


Fill your Ice Cube with water (your can also experiment with different ingredients such as lemon, cucumber, roses, etc) and pop it in your freezer for 4-5 hours. Once frozen, use it in a gentle rolling motion and glide around closed eyes, cheeks, forehead, and neck. Store in the freezer when not in use.


Material: premium silicone
Size: 6 x 11.5cm


Due to high demand, please allow a slight delay.

Estimated deliver in 7 - 10 buisness days.

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Give The Skin a Healthy Glow By Boosting Micro-circulation

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