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Headache & Migraine Relief Cap™

Headache & Migraine Relief Cap™

Surround Yourself In Comfort

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👨‍🔧 Experience 360-degree relief
💙 Provides natural relief via hot or cold therapy
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❄️ Stay cold 10 x longer
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When a headache strikes, you need to be armed with instant relief. Over-the-counter pain relievers may alleviate your headache but have harmful long-term effects. Headache & Migraine Relief Cap™ is a safe and natural treatment for immediate headache relief. Not only does this revolutionary product treat all headaches, but you can also place it on your neck, shoulders, eyes, and more to quickly soothe other aches and pains. Headache & Migraine Relief Cap™ provides 360º coverage, allowing it to apply gentle pressure to every “relief point“ to provide immediate, all-over headache relief. Traditional ice packs can cause frostbite or damage to sensitive skin. Headache & Migraine Relief Cap modernized the doctor-recommended cold compress therapy by cooling down to the perfect temperature so you can comfortably enjoy fast-acting relief without harming your skin. Its unique thermal insulation allows it to stay cold long enough for your headache to disappear. Stretchable and form-fitting. One size fits all.


Material: Lycra elastic cloth gel (light solid) medical gel
The thickness of a single gel is 8mm
Weight: 330g
Size: 22 x 17 x 1.5cm
Applicable head circumference: 42-66cm


Due to high demand, please allow a slight delay.

For products inclduing liquid (gel), Estimated delivery in 2-3 weeks.

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Instant Relief From ANY Headache

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