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Menstrual Relief Belt™

Menstrual Relief Belt™

Period Pain, Cancelled!

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🌞 Guaranteed to relieve menstrual pain
💕 Warm uterus area
✨ Massage muscles
👚 Unnoticeable under clothing
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Starting from our first period, we've been taught to take painkillers riddled with harmful side effects. Finally, a period pain solution that actually works. Time to switch to this Period Cramp Relief Belt. Its combination of heat and massage therapy helps soothe cramps, relax your muscles and reduce bloating. Imagine having a masseuse just for your cramps that hit all the right spots. Now, you can take back control over your life during the period.


Simply strap it around your waist, the pad can be placed on your tummy or lower back. Adjust it to fit, switch it on, and enjoy instant relief which allows you to change the level of heat and vibration to whatever fits your needs.


Temperature: 3 modes (45-55℃)

Massage: 6 modes

Battery Capacity: 5000mA

Material: Lycra

Package: period belt 1xUSB Cable 1xExtension Cord (power bank not included)


Due to high demand, please allow a slight delay.

For battery prodcts, estimated deliver in 2-3 weeks.

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Say Goodbye to Period Cramp

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