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Temporary Tooth Repair Beads™

Temporary Tooth Repair Beads™

Make You Smile Instantly And Confidently Again

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😄 Easy to operate
♻️ Food Grade FalseTeeth Solid Glue
🌸 Degradable, Non‑toxic and Harmless
⏱️ Last for several months
🇺🇸 11.5K+ Happy Customers


For the filling repair missing, gaps or broken teeth. Works great for instant and temporary use as well as it can do you a favor in smiling,Make your teeth looking natural and nice. No tray or alginate impressions required. No special tools or equipment are required. Easy to operate, most customers can create a new tooth in a few minutes. This product is safe, non‑toxic and harmless. Please feel free to use it. No special treatment is required if swallowed carelessly, this product is degradable, the degradation products can be metabolized out of the body.


Use when there is real teeth around. Take about 12 beads (1g of the product is about one tooth) and soak in hot water above 80 degrees Celsius. Wait for the product to become translucent, use a spoon to stir the product together and then take it out. After waiting for 5 seconds, squeeze the product into a ball, fill in the missing teeth and squeeze into the shape you need, the product will turn white after cooling down. The teeth that have just been made are relatively white. The teeth that have just been made are relatively white. If there is a color difference between the teeth and the surrounding teeth, you can stain them by soaking them in tea.


Material: food grade special plastic
Maintenance Time: it's for temporary use and will maintain about a few months, the product is not wear resistant and heat resistant,


Due to high demand, please allow a slight delay.

Estimated deliver in 7-10 business days.

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